Electoral Gridlock in Israel

Israel’s parliamentary election this March– its fourth in two years– has provided no conclusion to the political deadlock the country continues to face. As of now, neither coalition has been able to achieve a majority in Israel’s parliament, continuing the electoral gridlock which may result   in a fifth election this summer. This constant cycle of … Continue reading Electoral Gridlock in Israel

Trouble in the South China Sea

In today's podcast, we discuss the South China Sea with Greg Poling of CSIS. At the end of March, more than 200 Chinese fishing vessels were spotted anchored off of Whitsun Reef, a contested land feature in the South China Sea. These were no normal fishing vessels however, they were part of China’s maritime militia, … Continue reading Trouble in the South China Sea

Vaccine Nationalism

Since our last podcast on the global search for a COVID-19 vaccine, featuring Dr. Chris Beyrer, multiple vaccine candidates representing countries and private corporations around the world have begun worldwide distribution in an effort to finally end the COVID-19 pandemic. However, this distribution has been heavily criticized for its unevenness, as higher-income countries have secured … Continue reading Vaccine Nationalism

Iran and Biden: A New Chapter

Iran is a major force in world affairs. Since Ayatollah Khomeini and the clerical class established a theocratic regime in 1979, the Islamic Republic has behaved in opposition to US incursions in its backyard and plays a central role in conversations on regional stability and global security. With the Ayatollah’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and … Continue reading Iran and Biden: A New Chapter